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6 Essential things my parents never taught me

When you start having children or falling in love; relationship and parenting advice is given by everyone. From your grocery store friend to the gatekeeper, everyone has a few words of wisdom. 

However, the most dependable source about parenting, relationship, or life is our own parents. Although I learned a lot from my parents, there are some important things my parents never taught me. 

Below are a few things I wish they were said or whispered by my daddy or mummy. 

Things my parents never taught me

1. Parents make mistakes

Things my parents never taught me

When I was a little boy, I trusted my parents in everything. They thought they were genius. I went to the best school and was given the best gifts. But now I am a parent, I make all kinds of mistakes. 

For instance, one biggest mistake I made is failing to keep a promise to my son. My daddy and mummy never broke a promise to me. They were genius and good in everything.

But faithfully, they made a lot of mistakes. They were good at hiding their mistakes. I have come to realize that I am not a bad parent. Even though parenting does not come with a manual and there are things my parents never taught me, it is a simple task. We are humans, and everyone makes mistakes. 

2. It is alright to allow children to fail

When my son was learning how to ride a bike, I was there all the time. I wanted to make sure he was safe and he could not fall. Little did I know that my actions were hindering him from learning. 

He was so bitter that he almost gave up. But when I allowed him to ride his own way, he became a pro. After falling several times, he gained confidence and learned very fast. 

The other things my parents never taught me is that it alright to fail sometimes. We need to fall to learn and gain confidence. Although parents hate to see their kids fail, mistakes and failures help children learn and grow. 

3. Marriage is complicated

Things my parents never taught me

Another essential thing my parents never taught me is that marriage is complicated. There are many fights than I thought. 

When I was a kid, I never saw my parents fighting or disagreeing. Probably, they were good at hiding. Hence, I went to marriage knowing everything was rosy. 

But now I wish my parents sat me down and talked about experiences of marriage. Marriage is complicated and I believe everyone should know that. 

4. You cannot plan everything

In life, you cannot plan everything. This is among other things my parents never taught me. I have always thought my parents prepared and planned everything for me. 

However, I have come to realize that there are some things you cannot read online, in books or magazines. Due to life challenges, there are some things you need to do without a plan.  

5. Some people will not love your children

Although you love your children to death, some people will not like them. This is one of the essential things my parents never taught me. 

Even if my kids are the prettiest, smartest, funniest, and the friendliest, some people will not love them. Some teachers, classmates, or other parents might not love my children. 

Therefore, I need to accept that and reassure my sons that they are smart, amazing, and handsome. Life is not about the quantity of friends you have; it is about the quality of friends you have. 

6. Childrearing is permanent

Things my parents never taught me

Once you become a parent, you will always be a parent. You will always worry and love your kids. 

When I was a young parent, I thought my parenting is just raising kids into adulthood. Then my duties as a parent would be done. I did not know that childrearing is permanent

Now I have realized that parenting starts at birth and will never end. Even though some roles will change, my kids will always need me to be their parents. 


My parents are the best. They taught me a lot of things and gave me life guidance that I cannot read in books. 

Even with the technology and the books that we have, parents are the best when it comes to teaching their kids. All you need as a parent is to follow your heart and trust your instincts. With these tips, I hope your kids never say “these are things my parents never taught me”

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