5 Shocking effects of gambling on health, family, and community

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Gambling is an exciting and fun activity, especially for young people. With a few coins and a mobile phone, you can become a gambler. But do you know there are several shocking effects of gambling?

Studies show that many young people have turned gambling into a full-time job. Millions of people in big cities across world are involved in sports betting.

Based on recent studies, more than 40 percent of gamblers are living with gambling addiction. Unfortunately, most are not aware that betting can turn into a serious problem if it is not controlled.

What is gambling?

Betting also known as gambling is an act of risking money on an outcome of a game, race or any unpredictable event determined to win a lot of money.

Although some lucky people benefit from gambling, there are many shocking effects of gambling. The effects include mental and physical health problems, family conflicts, and financial problems.

Although, gambling is an activity that is done by people above the age of 18 years, the introduction of mobile betting has turned many young minds into gamblers. It is now possible for anyone to bet in their homes or at work.

To understand more about betting and its effects, below are 5 shocking effects of gambling.

5 Shocking effects of gambling

  1. Shocking effects of gambling to your health

Negative effects of gambling: Leads to depression

Poor health is one of the shocking effects of gambling. Most people who are into betting start as a hobby. This is an activity you can do to relax your mind. But gambling is contrary to the primary purpose of recreation.

People who gamble end up feeling anxious stressed, or depressed. The stress from betting later leads to health complications such as stomach issues, ulcers, headaches, and sleeping problems.

Also, gamblers show mood swings and secretive behavior that is similar to that of drug addict. It has also been proven that betting can change someone’s moods or state of mind.

  1. Shocking effects of gambling to your pocket

Negative effects of gambling: Financial problems

Gambling is a waste of money. Even though people start betting with little money, they can spend a lot of money on gambling expecting to get more.

Finally, they end up spending thousands if not millions on betting. Due to financial problems caused by gambling, some people turn to be criminals or commit suicide.

  1.   Shocking effects of gambling to the family

Negative effects of gambling: Family relationship

Family conflict is among the negative effects of gambling. Kids of betting parents will feel abandoned, lack basic needs, parental care, and it can lead to stressed relationships.

According to various studies, a big number of gamblers are abusive to their spouses. This is due to anxiety, stress, or unhappiness. Research further shows that more than 25 percent of family problems are now linked to gambling.

  1. Gambling can lead to suicide

Negative effects of gambling: Suicide

Suicide is among the shocking effects of gambling. Due to betting, suicide rates are higher among youths all over the world. Whenever there are big football matches, most young people choose to bet expecting to reap big.

Some even gamble with school fees money while others use house rent to place a bet. After losing a lot of money on betting, some of them choose to commit suicide.

  1. Shocking effects of gambling to the community

Negative effects of gambling to community

Betting addiction also affects the community directly and indirectly. Some of the negative effects of gambling to the community include increased drug abuse, high rate of unemployment, broken marriages, and the rise of crime.

How to overcome the shocking effects of gambling

Though it is possible to enjoy betting without becoming an issue, most people develop a betting addiction. If you know people struggling with the above negative effects of gambling, there are several ways you can assist them.

The earlier you recognize the problem the better. Here are some of the best ways to help someone with a betting problem.

*Let them recognize their problem. Admitting the problem is a significant step in dealing with addiction.

*Let them know the consequences of betting such as financial problems, relationship issues, occupational problems, mental health, and others.

*Then identify the triggers and how to cope with them. For instance, if being around friends who gamble is the problem, let them avoid their buddies.

*Help them change their thinking about gambling. When they understand the risks of betting, they can avoid the vice.

*Let them choose a positive hobby to avoid spending a lot of time betting. Also, they should reduce substance use such as alcohol or drugs associated with gambling behaviors.

*Help them join social groups such as clubs, religious groups, or friends who have managed gaming addiction.

*If the negative effect of gambling is severe, seeking professional help or taking medications is the last option. Several prescribed drugs are used to control gambling problems.


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