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7 Tips to consider whether to Work from Home or Office

Should you work from home or office? This has become a common question all over the world. However, due to the high cost of living, most people are wondering whether they should work from home or office. Happily, advancement in technology has made it possible to get in touch with your clients, teammates, or partners no matter where you are working from. But should you work from home or office?

To help you make an informed decision, let highlight the 7 essential tips to consider when working from the comfort of your home and an office.

Should You Work from Home or Office? – 7 Essential Tips to consider

#Tip 1 Commuting

Commuting Stress

One essential tip of working from home is that you do not need to commute. There is no stress of waking up early or the problem of traffic jams. Hence, you can manage to save time and a few coins. But, if you are working from your office, you must leave your house before a certain time. Also, you need to factor in bus fare, car fuel, and traffic jams.

#Tip 2 Dress code

Dress Code

Based on your location, business, or professional, you need to mind your dress code. But this mainly relates to those working from an office. It is not possible to wear ripped jeans or a baggy t-shirt when working in a modern office. Generally, an office has standards. This means you must wear formal clothes when working in an office.

But when working from home, there is flexibility. As long as you can deliver, your dress code does not matter. You can put on pajamas or wear shorts the entire day. As long you are comfortable and you can deliver on time, you can wear anything you want.

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#Tip 3 Creativity


Innovation or creativity is mainly born in an office. Since many people are close to each other, there is creativity. People can manage to help each other more often. Besides, communication is faster and you can get attention from many people in the office.

However, when working from home, you are all alone. This means you might not get help on time. Also, you cannot learn from other workers since they are far from you.

#Tip 4 Flexibility


Working from home means you are flexible. Your life continues when working at your house. It is possible to organize your work. For example, if you have plans for the day, you can choose to work at night. Hence, there is freedom compared to someone working from the office.

However, working in an office needs order. There are standard working hours. You must be at the office during the working hours. Also, you cannot choose to work for certain hours or days. Working from the office means you cannot set your working hours.

#Tip 5 Working environment

According to various studies, people who work from home are more productive than those working from an office. One of the main reasons why employees working in their houses are more productive is because the environment is calm and quieter. Although there are many unexpected  interruptions at home, the environment of working from home is better than that of the office. Besides, you can choose to work while sleeping, eating, standing, or in the backyard.

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#Tip 6 Privacy

Are you afraid that someone might be watching your work? When you are from your home, privacy is at its finest. You can be certain that no one is inspecting your work. Also, no one is judging your personality. However, it also means your manager or supervisor cannot see your work.

But to work from an office is different. Since the office has many people, then someone might be interfering with your work. Nevertheless, your teammates, supervisors, or managers can easily access your work.

#Tip 7 Cost

It is cheaper to work from home than working from the office. From setting up an office to commuting fees, you need a big budget if you are planning to have an office. A home office is a simple one that does not involve a lot of fixtures.


To work from home or office has advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it all depends on your personal needs. There are some people whose nature of work allows them to work from home while others need an office for various reasons. Therefore, the choice is yours.

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