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9 profound tricks to manage time well and work better

To manage time is to create more time for yourself. Are you making the best out of your time? Is time management a challenge in your life? You are not alone. Many people struggle with this aspect.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ Sir Winston Churchil.

We all have 24 hours every day. But how is it that some people accomplish so much while others accomplish nothing in a single day?  Are you busy doing worthwhile things or are you busy doing nothing? The black-ant is always busy, day and night but it has nothing to show for it.

Make it a habit to do an audit on how you spend your time and highlight accomplishments or achievements made every day.

There is a huge difference between a person who plans their time well and another person who just lets time pass by or better said, a person who sleeps without making a time plan for the next day. Those who have excelled in good time management succeed in many ways.

How to manage time well

Tip #1: Wake up early

This can best be achieved by making it a habit. People who wake up early achieve much more than people who wake up late. You will have ample time to meditate, exercise and plan for your day in a relaxed mood. Waking up early has been known to increase productivity. If you are to achieve this goal of waking up early, then you must plan to sleep early. Ensure that you always get sufficient sleep. This keeps you alert and sober.

how to manage time

Procrastination is the greatest thief of time.Ti

Tip #2: Stop procrastinating and take action

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Procrastination is about delaying and habitual postponement of activities. Are you struggling with it? Don’t beat yourself because you are not alone. It is a thief that has robbed many people of precious opportunities. The only solution to this problem is making a tough decision on how to stop it. Take action, motivate yourself, set personal goals and work towards achieving them.

Tip #3: Plan your activities based on priorities

Have a ‘to-do’ list. Always plan ahead. Obviously, some tasks are hard and boring and these are the ones we tend to keep aside. It is advisable to start with the difficult tasks and end with the easy ones. It is also imperative to start with the most urgent tasks.  In essence, have a good time plan and you will have maximum achievements. Make the to-do list, make it simple and stick to it.

Tip #4: Identify your time wasters

Determine how you spent those hours you cannot account for, then eliminate the said activities. Identifying and eliminating time wasters will make a big difference in your life. The biggest time wasters include spending too much time with friends, social media, retrieval of items and complaining versus taking action. Phones and televisions take a great chunk of our time and can sometimes lead to laziness.

Tip #5: Delegate as much as you can

Delegation is assigning tasks to someone else. What another person can do, entrust them to do it on your behalf. This will allow you to do other tasks and help you to maximize the available time. Ensure that you are delegating work to someone who has perfected the art of doing it. Otherwise, you may end up redoing the same task and hence waste more time.

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Tip #6: Keep your body healthy

Staying healthy ensures that you reduce the number of body downtimes caused by sicknesses and fatigue. Keeping your body healthy entails eating a balanced diet, taking enough water and engaging in quality body exercises.

Tip #7: Learn how to say no and mean it

People who ‘have not mastered the art of saying no’ suffer a lot. They are called ‘people pleasers’. They accept every request and end up being frustrated. They are always doing things for others and barely have time for themselves. Being able to say no to unnecessary requests is liberating.

plan and manage time more effectively

Time planning and management is a  skill that should be mastered by all.

Tip #8: Learn how to make decisions

Being indecisive is as great a time waster. It is important to learn the art of making timely, quality and effective decisions. Decision making can be tricky. If you are not sure about something, always consult widely. People are afraid of making decisions mainly because they do not believe in themselves. Improve your self-esteem and confidence. Learn how to make your own decisions as no one else can do this for you. I would advise everyone to have an accountability partner who will assist them in decision making and implementation.

Tip #9: Become better organized

If your home or work environment is full of clutter, then you are bound to waste a lot of time and especially during retrievals. Searching for important items or documents may take a lot of your precious time.

By planning your time well, you reduce a lot of stress in your life.  You are able to accomplish so much in little time. Scheduling time ensures that you have time for rest and relaxation.

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The best time management practices will enable you to meet your personal goals in real time. You are also able to identify and eliminate your time wasters.

Time management is a great key to success. It can best be achievable by creating a personal discipline on how to plan and manage it. Make it a habit and a rule and if you are consistent, you will be able to do more while putting in less effort.

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