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work from home

7 Tips to consider whether to Work from Home or Office

Should you work from home or office? This has become a common question all over the world. However, due to the high cost of living, most people are wondering whether they should work from home or office. Happily, advancement in technology has made it possible

select a good hover board

How to select a good hover board easily

The quality of a hover board directly affects its performance levels. To select a good hover board, therefore, one must consider several qualities before buying or leasing a hover board for personal use. Or even when selecting one at a recreation center. This article provides an

millenial buyers in property market have varied considerations

5 property market decision factors for millennial buyers

Like several other facets of their lives, the millennial generation is massively misunderstood on the property market. The problem remains that nobody has a conclusive solution to this, and the property market is no different. However, the assumption that young millennials are less concerned about

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating service launches in 20 countries

Social media giant, Facebook, has added an online dating service to its plethora of offerings. The Facebook dating service was launched in the US yesterday, along with in 19 other countries. Facebook users can also integrate their Instagram posts in their dating profiles. The 20