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Does your dog love you? – 5 ways dogs show love

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But does your dog love you? Based on several studies, dogs have different ways to show love to their masters. 

Remember, dogs are social animals. Hence, they can easily read your moods, behaviors, and body language. Additionally, they respond to your moods, body language, or behaviors in different ways. 

But in some cases, it might be difficult to tell what they mean with their expression. To help you understand your best friend, here are some signs of love. 

1. By staring at you

Does your dog love you - by staring at you

Does your dog love you by staring at you? If a person makes you feel frightened or unsafe, it might be hard to stare at him. This is because constant eye contact is for people you trust or feel safe when you are around them. 

The same case goes to pets, especially dogs. If your dog loves you, he will always stare at you when you are watching TV or talking to your friends. 

However, do not force eye contact with your dog. Let it come naturally. If you force it, he will feel uncomfortable and look away. 

2. Does your dog love you? If he takes a nap in your bedroom

Does your dog love you - sleeping in your bedroom

In most cases, we do not allow our pets to sleep in our beds. However, they love going there. Have you ever asked yourself why your little puppy loves sleeping in your bed?

Sleeping close to you is a sign of love. It means he loves you and he is loyal to you. Even though it is not a wise idea to sleep with your dog in the same bed, you can purchase a comfy dog bed for him. 

3. Leaning against you

does your dog love you - leaning towards you

Does your dog love you when he leans against you? Would you lean to an unknown person or hug someone you do not love? Just the way your dog stares at you, he will lean against you if he loves you. 

Whether you are standing or sitting down, he will lean against you to show some love. Leaning against someone means the dog feels safe, comfortable, and secure. 

4. Does your dog love you? If he follows you around

does your dog love you by following you around

If your dog loves you, he will always follow you around. Once you introduce bring him to your house, you will never go to the bathroom, garden, or  shopping alone. 

Although, your dog might not touch you or lean against you when following you around, following is a sign of love.  

5. When he responds to your voice

Does your dog truly love your voice? If he responds to your voice, that a sign of love. In most cases, your dog will run when you tell him it’s time to have a walk or run to its plate when you tell him that its dinner time. 

However, it will take some time for the dog to learn what you are telling him. Therefore, if you have a new puppy, do not assume that he does not love you if he cannot understand what you are saying.

But with time, he should be able to respond positively to your voice. Also, the dog will look happy when you are talking to him. 

6. Does your dog love you? If he pees when he sees you

Does your dog love you if he always pee when he sees you? Dogs, particularly puppies might pee a little when they see you or when they are anxious. This is not a sign that potty training is backsliding. It is a sign of love. He is excited to see you and to have you back. 

Additionally, the dog may run towards you, jump on you, bring his toys, lean against you, or stare at you. It’s like saying that the person who is in charge is around. 

7. When he yawns after you

Does your dog love you? Yes if he yawns after you. Another interesting sign that your dog loves you is when he yawns after you. According to recent studies, pets, especially dogs can catch human yawns. 

Since your dog might be staring at you, it is easier for him to respond to your yawn. That is another great sign of love. 


Does your dog love you? Dogs are like humans, they are social animals. And since you are his master, he loves you. He will sleep on your couch, follow you around and he will win your heart. 

Therefore, when you notice some of these signs, do not think they are signs of fear or distress. They are signs of love. It is an indication that your puppy loves you. 

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