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The 2019 Google Play Awards winners you should know about

The Google Play Awards winners for 2019 have now been reveale. And there are a few Apps you may not know of.

Android applications have really evolved and have become part of us in various capacities. We cannot ignore the help that different applications have provided us with in the age of technology.

As a way to celebrate these applications and give credit where due, we have the Google Play Awards. The Google Play award was conceived in April 2016 to recognize the developer community and also give a level of credence to the best games and applications. This year’s event was graced by 9 categories having over 30 apps as nominees. Let us look at some of the winners in each of the categories for the 2019 awards.

google play awards winner Wisdo App

Wisdo App interface. Category winner at google play awards 2019

Best Social Impact App: Wisdo

The social impact prize went to Wisdo a social app from Wisdo Limited. It beat other apps in this category such as Plantix to get the coveted award. Wisdo is a life guide app that lets you connect with other people who have been in similar life situations as you.

The Wisdo app, lets you share your story with other users. You can also associate with others who had a similar experience, chat and help others as you meet some friends.

Other Nominees:: Plantix; Bury me, My love; Think! Think!

Best Breakthrough Game: Marvel Strike Force

This is one category that had a lot of gamers arguing on the best breakthrough game and it is not much of a surprise that Marvel Strike Force took the award. This is a perfect game for any Marvel fan especially in the shadow of the recently released Endgame.

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The game features a lot of the Marvel franchise players who have to team up with villains in order to fend off attacks against Earth. Among the characters include Dr. Strange, Groot,Loki and Iron-man among many others.

Other Nominees: Old School RuneScapeHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery; Star Trek™ Fleet Command

Standout Well-Being App: Woebot

google play awards winner Woebot App

Woebot App interface. Category winner at google play awards

Woebot took home the award for the standout well-being app which had exceptional nominees such as SleepTown and Shine Self-Care.

Developed by Woebot Labs, the Woebot App is helpful in stressful and depressive situationsthat are becoming a mainstay. It helps you think through difficult situations courtesy of cognitivebehavioral therapy in addition to learning about yourself through intelligent mood tracking.

The App helps users think through situation through cognitive behavioral therapy,learn about themselves through intelligent mood tracking and master the skills needed to reduce stress.

Other Nominees: My Oasis, SleepTown, Shine, Kinedu.

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Best Accessibility Experience: Envision AI

google play awards winner Envision AI App

Envision AI interface. Category winner at google play awards

Envision AI from Envision Technologies BV bagged the award for the best accessibility in a tight race that was graced by apps such as Wheelog and TintVision. Envision AI is an appdesigned to aid the visually impaired in handling everyday situations such as shopping and commuting independently.

Envision AI processes images and extracts information with accuracy and communicates to the user via TalkBack. It can also detect the language the text is in and translate it to one that the user understands.

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Other Nominees: Guiaderodas; Race Together!; TintVision; WheeLog!

Most Beautiful Game: Shadowgun Legends

google play awards winners 2019 revealed

Google Play awards 2019 category winners revealed

Onto another tightly contested spot in these years Google Play Awards that saw Shadowgun Legends take the price for the most beautiful game.

This shooting game employs a great storyline, awesome graphics, and sound quality. It is a first-person zombie shooter game that is guaranteed to generate the gamer’s thrill as expected of a game of its caliber.

Other Nominees: Asphalt 9: Legends; Badland Brawl; CHUCHEL; Gorogoa

Best Living Room Experience: Neverthink Handpicked Videos

Neverthink: Handpicked videos picked the price for the best living room experience in the 2019 Google Play Awards. The category is new among the Google Play awards.

This application has you on lock with some of the best videos on the internet from mini-documentaries, memes, music videos and many more according to your taste. The app has the design mimicking the television with videos that are going to definitely boost your mood as you do other things around the house.

Other Nominees: Tubi; Viki

Most Inventive — Tick Tock: A Tale For Two

Tick Tock: A tale for two takes this year’s award for the most inventive application, which is a new category. This android app is actually a two-player puzzle game that requires the players to figure out a way out of a mystical clockwork world.

Cooperation is key from both of you as you solve the puzzles to get your way out. The graphic is simply amazing just like the idea of the game and it is not a surprise that it was the inaugural winner in this category.

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Other Nominees: Cube Escape: Paradox; Firework; Scripts; Wysker

Standout Build For Billions Experience: Canva

This App offers Graphic Design And Logo, Flyer And Poster Maker tools

Canva is the winner of this year’s standout build for billions experience. Canva is a simple app that is a great business companion when it comes to the design of logos and posters as well as in video and photo editing. Additionally, it is available for both mobile and computer further pushing up its credibility.

Other Nominees: Cookpad; PicsArt Photo Studio; Viki

Best Breakthrough App:  Slowly


google play awards winner Slowly App

Slowly App interface. Category winner at google play awards

Slowly picked up the best breakthrough app in these year’s awards. Slowly is an application that takes us back to the days of pen pals only that now it is over the internet.


The app lets you meet and interact with friends who share the same interests as you. There are also stamps that you can acquire to let you relieve the nostalgic days of letter sending.

Other Nominees: Khan Academy Kids; Tasty BuzzFeed; Notion

The Google Play Awards 2019

Those are the winners in 2019’s Google Play Awards. These Apps have made a name for themselves with each having an outstanding feature that makes it stand out from the rest. Try downloading them from the Google Playstore for the best experience from your smartphone.


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