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The ultimate guide to badass social media job postings that attract top candidates

The ‘real’ world is increasingly getting in tune with the ‘virtual’ world, and social media leads the way. The days when only a handful of people embraced social media passed, with Facebook now boasting over  2 billion users. In truth, we have been expecting such for a while now regardless of the recent social dynamic rules.

The clear effect is that now social media has every demographic represented, including professionals and potential employees. Indeed, LinkedIn was primarily built to tap into this category. While businesses were forced to adapt to the new order, recruitment has not fared as well. However, this need not be a concern.

Today, the top C.E.O.s are comfortably using either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or the many other social media platforms around us. The best talents, as well as experienced employees, are too. This scenario, therefore, means that it should be possible to have a company hire directly from social media. It begs the question, therefore, why fewer companies are not doing this.

Up-to-date hiring practices

Instead, companies and recruitment agencies just stepped up from posting job openings in the mainstream media to posting them online, either on their websites or through adverts in social media. Such postings do not, however, promise the required traction of qualified candidates, leaving both the employer and recruiter in limbo many a time.

How do you guarantee your job post will attract the best talent on the market? In truth, this remains the million-dollar question. And rightly so.

While candidates scramble for the available opportunities, employers have to make do with the unenviable task of sifting through resume mole hills. Admittedly, many will respond to your posting and apply, but maybe none of them is good enough.

There remains top talent on the market, not brimming, but there. Your correctly created job post should help draw this quality, exceptional candidates on board. The trick, therefore, is having the right job posting technique that attracts the very best talents on the labor market to your organization. Some such strategies include the following;

  1. A stand-out job description

Recruiting new employees is like marketing. You must sell your organization to the best candidate, much like your competitors. A well-developed, richly informative job description will help your post stand out from the crowd.

An excellent job post will give the top candidate an in-depth synopsis of the firm and the vacancy so offered. As such, the posting must feature the job requirements, the company culture, and expected standards. This way, the candidates understands your organization long before they even apply for the job.

  1. Catchy job ad title

Why do newspaper headlines stick longer in one’s mind? These headlines are flashier, captivating and hugely targeted. To equally catch the soul of a top candidate, make the job post title similarly focused. Remember perceptions are everything!

The web is full of job postings, therefore impossible for a candidate to read them all. A catchy job post title goes some way to guarantee that a top candidate will skip your job post.

  1. Clear job requirements

The market is full of all sorts of candidates. You do not want to end up with the average type that does their bit and goes their way. To weed out this kind, make your job description section as detailed as possible, setting the bar at a reasonable height for the go-getter candidates.

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Specifically, a job post that underscores the expected challenges and not the benefits of the advertised vacancy is most likely to attract the best talent on the market. These are likely to be the kind of employees that will do their share and then some, the ones who’ll keep taking on the same challenge for the umpteenth time until they and your firm find the proper solution. What candidate could better than that?

  1. Request a cover letter

9 out of ten times, the candidate applying for that positioned has, and will present a pre-updated curriculum vitae. The cover letter, however, has to be customized, and in most cases, written after seeing your advert.

There remains top talent on the market, not brimming, but there. Your correctly created job post should help draw this quality, exceptional candidates on board.

Requesting a cover letter in the job post, therefore, tells more about the candidate that a résumé would. Working under the anticipation of landing the job provides the platform that allows the candidate to unconsciously show about their character, temperament, and more importantly, personality.

  1. Targeted, talent-centered wording

They are the best of their generation, and most likely know it. They could even have more than your offer to consider. In this case, your job post must give you an edge.

It is conceivable that the recruiter knows what it is that they want to pitch to the candidate. Of even more impact, however, is how the pitch is formatted and presented to the candidate, particularly given that such a high-caliber prospect is likely to have multiple offers on the table.

The recruitment team could override these concerns easily by choosing their words carefully, and structure sentences in the posting in a way that the candidate can relate. Don’t fill the page broadcasting, but instead, talk to that one exceptional talent on the market, and you’ll land them.

  1. Use the right recruiting partner

There are thousands of recruitment agencies around, and each one tells its tale. Those with the ability to make a difference are easy to spot and can enjoy the respect of their peers. On the contrary, recruitment agencies which do not meet certain requirements will lose you these top candidates, with their future applications to your company received with heightened skepticism.

While not that central to the success of your job posting, finding a reputable recruitment partner or agency will go a long way to helping your firm land that top candidate. Indeed it remains an open secret that some recruitment firms only recycle job postings of their competitors to appear relevant. Working with such a company will, therefore, undo all the magical work put into writing your perfect job posting.

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