How giving birth to twins can change your sex life

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How giving birth to twins can change your sex life

Once you give birth to twins, a lot will change including your sex life, daily routines, relationships, visiting game parks, and many other things. You may even put your career on hold. 

Sex will not be on the top of your mind in the first months after giving birth. Therefore, it is essential to talk with your partner and be honest about the sex life.

Your sex life will change after giving birth to twins for various reasons. And it may take some time to go back to the cycle you had before falling pregnant.

To help you understand more, here are some of the reasons why your sex life will be different after giving birth to twins

How giving birth to twins can change your sex life

1. Exhaustion

Twins are exhausting. Taking care of two newborns is not a simple task. Hence, you may not have enough energy to have sex during the day or at night.

The first weeks and months after giving birth are nights of little sleep or no sleep at all. You will spend hours engaging the two kids during the day and at night. Which means you may not have the time or energy to have sex.

2. Low sex drive

Most women can confirm that after giving birth, their sex drive is a bit lower than before. Although it is normal for a woman to feel this way, giving birth to twins can take your sex life away. It happens due to hormones being up and down after giving birth.

It may take several months for the hormones to go back. It can even take longer if you give birth to twins or triplets. However, if you feel it is unusual, you can consult your doctor about various natural ways to boost the sex drive.

3. Body changes

Whether you gave birth via C-section or naturally, the entire process of pregnancy and giving birth is a big task your body has to go through. 

You may look different after giving birth to twins. Moreover, it may take a long time to heal or feel normal again. 

Weight gain, sensitive boobs, a larger nose, and many others are some of the changes. Even though there are temporary changes, it may take several months to go back to your sexy body. 

Therefore, you should not rush into having sex. You need to give your body enough time to heal and to ensure you do not feel pain or discomfort when having sex.

Let your doctor check your physical and emotional health to give you clearance. But even after the doctor confirms you are ready for sex, do not rush into it. If you feel pain when having sex, do not continue.

4. Self-confidence

Another reason why your sex life may change is due to self-confidence. Most women do not feel ready or do not have the confidence to have sex again due to body changes and fear of getting pregnant. 

Body changes, hormone changes, weight gain, and exhaustion may take sex life away. A lot of women do not feel like opening up or being exposed to bedroom matters after giving birth. Some feel their bodies have gone through many changes for someone to see them.

The feelings are natural for all, especially when someone has given birth to twins. Therefore, it is essential to talk to your partner about how you feel about sex.

Final Word

Sex life after having twins may take some time before going back to normal. Therefore, engage your partner, speak about how you feel, and let him know you are not ready for sex.

Sex is something that body parties involved should be ready and comfortable when having it. Research more, consult your doctor and take your time before getting back to it.  

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