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How to select a good bike for Exercise

Are you planning to purchase a bike and start cycling to lose weight, get fit, or for transport? That is a brilliant idea. But since there are many choices, you need to learn how to select a good bike.  

There are several factors you need to consider to ensure you pick the best. In this article, we will help you select the best bicycle. We have provided the ins and outs on how to select a good bike for exercise.

Let get started………..

How to select a good bike – Buying Guide


how to select a good bike

The first factor on how to select a good bike is the bike type. There are various types of bicycles on the market, and each one is perfect for a different purpose. Some of the main types include:

*Mountain bikes – this is the most popular bike. It is a great bicycle for people who work out on unpaved roads. Therefore, if you plan to ride on forest roads, gravel, single-tracks, or just away from the tarmac road, this is the best bike for you.

*BMX bikes – These are good bicycles for children. BMX is also a good bike for people who want to do tricks and stunts while working out. 

*Road bikes – road bikes are for people who plan to spend a lot of time on tarmac roads. They are made for speed but not for off-tarmac riding.

*Touring bikes – if you need a bike that will help you visit several places, touring bikes are the best. They are excellent for long bike tours. They have bike panniers and good frames to help you carry a lot of weight.

*Hybrid bikes – this is a mixture of a mountain bike and road bike. Hybrid bikes are good for town rides and commutes. They can also do well off-tarmac roads.

*Cyclocross bikes – these are great bikes for people who love riding on mud and dirt roads. Also, if you participate in cyclocross competitions, this is the best bicycle for you.

*Adventure bikes – also known as gravel bikes are bicycles similar to cyclocross bikes. However, they are a bit strong and suitable for long off-road trips.

*Folding bikes – this is a bike with a folding frame. They are good for carrying in cars, trains, and plains.

Other types of bikes include time trial bikes, fixed gear bikes, electric bikes,  kids’ bikes, and cargo bikes. With the above information, you can now choose the best type of bike for your needs.


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how to select a good bike

The second factor on how to select a good bike is usage. Do you want a bike for bike competition or you want one to ride on Sundays? 

Based on your intended usage, make sure you select the right components. For instance, going for a cheap bike to use on rough roads might leave you with high maintenance costs in the future.

So make sure you pick a bicycle-based on your intended usage. Usage is an essential factor as any other factor.

For light use, there are several entry-level components you can try. But for competitions, make sure you do a bit of research to ensure you select the best.



how to select a good bike

With bicycle quality, you will receive what you pay for. To help make an informed choice, here are a few principles that will help you make the right choice.

*Serious training – if you are searching for serious training bike, you need to have a budget of around $500 to $2000. With this budget, you will get a good bicycle for your training. Although most of these bikes are lightweight, there are good for training. 

*Light training – most light training bikes cost $500 and above. With this budget, you will receive a good bicycle for your simple training around the hood.

*Sunday bicycles – these are the cheapest bikes. With a budget of $350, you can get a good bike for your Sunday rides.

*Competition bikes – when searching for a competition bike; make sure you pick the best. The price range is between $1500 and above. Based on your budget; you can expect to find a remarkable bicycle for any kind of competition.

When planning how much you need to spend on a bike, it is wise to spend slightly more than the budget. Keep in mind that costly bicycles can take more abuse, but cheaper ones are for moderate rides.


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how to select a good bike

The other factor on how to select a good bike is size. It might seem easy to some people but not to all. Keep in mind that the right size will ensure you use it to the full potential. Some of the elements to consider are height, ape index, and inseam length.

Height is the total height of your body. Inseam Length is the length of the leg from the crotch to the heel, and the Ape Index is the length of the arm span relative to the height

The good news is that many online size calculators will help you get the right bike size. This can be very helpful, especially if you are searching for a bike online.


Where to buy

how to select a good bike

The availability of online stores makes it easy to purchase the best bike from any part of the world. However, every choice has its own pros and cons.

*Local shops – one of the simplest ways to purchase a bike is visiting your local bicycle shop. This is the best place if you are buying your first bike or you need expert advice. However, the choice is limited in terms of sizes and models. Also, the bikes at the local store might be very expensive.

*Bike dealers – purchasing from the dealers is another great option. The dealer might be an expert and ready to accept a return if the bike is not fit. However, you are not in a position to test the bike.

*Online stores – no matter which bike you are searching for, you can find it online. Moreover, online stores are the best places to get great deals and bargains. However, no test drives. But you can be certain to find all sizes, brands, and types.


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On how to select the best bike, the quality of the bike is the most important factor to consider. Nevertheless, it should be complemented by other factors. In most cases, good quality bikes are a bit expensive than others. Therefore, avoid bikes that are valued less than $350.

Alternatively, bike brands can influence your decisions. Happily, there are many known brands you can consider. Their popularity is a sign of good quality, great performance, and security. It also means they are safe to use. 



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