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Moving away from God

10 Signs you are moving away from God

We all know a few people who used to be faithful Christians. Funny thing is that you do not wake up one morning and choose start moving away from God.  Unfortunately, moving away from God can happen to anyone. You can easily drift away until

sex life

How giving birth to twins can change your sex life

Once you give birth to twins, a lot will change including your sex life, daily routines, relationships, visiting game parks, and many other things. You may even put your career on hold.  Sex will not be on the top of your mind in the first

how to do design a small home garden

How to design a small home garden

Even without a big area in your compound, you can easily learn how to design a small home garden. But before you start gardening, digging, sowing, and seeking the best vegetable, make sure you have a plan. Below are a few tips on how to

5 Reasons why you should Visit Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the top Safari destinations in the world. If you truly love nature and you would like to experience the best, you need to visit Maasai Mara.   The National Park is one of the biggest not only in

How to select a good bike for Exercise

Are you planning to purchase a bike and start cycling to lose weight, get fit, or for transport? That is a brilliant idea. But since there are many choices, you need to learn how to select a good bike.   There are several factors you need

What kids can do to stop corona virus?

With everyone talking about Corona virus, most people are wondering what kids can do to stop corona virus. Fortunately, there are several things kids can do to stop spread of covid-19 such as washing hands, covering sneeze and cough, and wearing a mask. 1. Washing

How to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy

Many parents have a difficult time determining how much dental care their children need. They would like to prevent cavities as early as possible, but they do not know the best way to do it.  So how do you keep your kid’s teeth healthy? It