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6 Essential things my parents never taught me

When you start having children or falling in love; relationship and parenting advice is given by everyone. From your grocery store friend to the gatekeeper, everyone has a few words of wisdom.  However, the most dependable source about parenting, relationship, or life is our own

How to raise a teenage daughter

Today, a lot of parents are searching for tips on how to raise a teenage daughter. This is because the talkative, cute, and innocent girl you knew might be no more. She might have transformed into someone filled with complicated emotions. Happily, there are many

work from home

7 Tips to consider whether to Work from Home or Office

Should you work from home or office? This has become a common question all over the world. However, due to the high cost of living, most people are wondering whether they should work from home or office. Happily, advancement in technology has made it possible

Trees should be protected because of there immense benefits on planet earth.

10 amazing benefits of trees to the ecosystem

The place of trees in the ecosystem is well documented. A close look at our environment speaks volumes about our country Kenya. We are too blind to see what our ignorance is causing us. We are our own enemies and yet we refuse to change

stress management can save your life

8 easy but effective ways to combat stress

Stress is one word that elicits emotions in our lives. It can be good and , it can be dangerous. Good stress can push you to your success while bad stress can be detrimental to your health. It is important to understand your stress level

take action against procrastination today.

5 practical ways to overcome procrastination today

Do you suffer from procrastination? Is it mild or acute? News flash! you are not alone. Procrastination affects a lot of people globally. Some people have referred to it as “a thief of all time”.  It hurts productivity, hurts relationships and may also lead to