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a great quote can change your life positively.

7 Great inspirational quotes from great minds

Success is a journey.  It is predictable and so is failure. Every successful person has a set of habits that define their path. Success cannot be defined in a single sentence.  Different people have different ways of defining success.  Some see it as achieving set

financial stability through evolution to debt-free life

5 easy tips to help chase down your financial stability dreams

Personal financial stability means possessing the ability to meet your needs today without putting at risk your tomorrow. Or as the World Bank puts it, “the capability to efficiently allocate resources, assess and manage financial risks…” in a way that “dissipates financial imbalances that arise

Investment is a rough ride

How past investment mistakes help you survive future storms

Every person partaking an investment would know that storms do occur in this business. And that taking lessons from past mistakes could be the lifeblood you need to survive. In 2013, New Zealand’s failure to bring America’s Cup back home was much a disappointment as