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6 Essential things my parents never taught me

When you start having children or falling in love; relationship and parenting advice is given by everyone. From your grocery store friend to the gatekeeper, everyone has a few words of wisdom.  However, the most dependable source about parenting, relationship, or life is our own

How to raise a teenage daughter

Today, a lot of parents are searching for tips on how to raise a teenage daughter. This is because the talkative, cute, and innocent girl you knew might be no more. She might have transformed into someone filled with complicated emotions. Happily, there are many

select a good hover board

How to select a good hover board easily

The quality of a hover board directly affects its performance levels. To select a good hover board, therefore, one must consider several qualities before buying or leasing a hover board for personal use. Or even when selecting one at a recreation center. This article provides an

youth entrepeneurship should be supported

Debating on youth entrepreneurship is absurd

What determines a good entrepreneur? And how do we bolster youth entrepreneurship in Kenya? Nevertheless, spending your time following the youth versus entrepreneurship debate is a pointless endeavor. What with all the youths roaming on the streets scrapping the bear bottom just to make ends

a great quote can change your life positively.

7 Great inspirational quotes from great minds

Success is a journey.  It is predictable and so is failure. Every successful person has a set of habits that define their path. Success cannot be defined in a single sentence.  Different people have different ways of defining success.  Some see it as achieving set

millenial buyers in property market have varied considerations

5 property market decision factors for millennial buyers

Like several other facets of their lives, the millennial generation is massively misunderstood on the property market. The problem remains that nobody has a conclusive solution to this, and the property market is no different. However, the assumption that young millennials are less concerned about