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stress management can save your life

8 easy but effective ways to combat stress

Stress is one word that elicits emotions in our lives. It can be good and , it can be dangerous. Good stress can push you to your success while bad stress can be detrimental to your health. It is important to understand your stress level

take action against procrastination today.

5 practical ways to overcome procrastination today

Do you suffer from procrastination? Is it mild or acute? News flash! you are not alone. Procrastination affects a lot of people globally. Some people have referred to it as “a thief of all time”.  It hurts productivity, hurts relationships and may also lead to

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating service launches in 20 countries

Social media giant, Facebook, has added an online dating service to its plethora of offerings. The Facebook dating service was launched in the US yesterday, along with in 19 other countries. Facebook users can also integrate their Instagram posts in their dating profiles. The 20