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sex life

How giving birth to twins can change your sex life

Once you give birth to twins, a lot will change including your sex life, daily routines, relationships, visiting game parks, and many other things. You may even put your career on hold.  Sex will not be on the top of your mind in the first

What kids can do to stop corona virus?

With everyone talking about Corona virus, most people are wondering what kids can do to stop corona virus. Fortunately, there are several things kids can do to stop spread of covid-19 such as washing hands, covering sneeze and cough, and wearing a mask. 1. Washing

6 Essential things my parents never taught me

When you start having children or falling in love; relationship and parenting advice is given by everyone. From your grocery store friend to the gatekeeper, everyone has a few words of wisdom.  However, the most dependable source about parenting, relationship, or life is our own

How to raise a teenage daughter

Today, a lot of parents are searching for tips on how to raise a teenage daughter. This is because the talkative, cute, and innocent girl you knew might be no more. She might have transformed into someone filled with complicated emotions. Happily, there are many

Does your dog love you? – 5 ways dogs show love

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But does your dog love you? Based on several studies, dogs have different ways to show love to their masters.  Remember, dogs are social animals. Hence, they can easily read your moods, behaviors, and body language.