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How to select a good hover board easily

The quality of a hover board directly affects its performance levels. To select a good hover board, therefore, one must consider several qualities before buying or leasing a hover board for personal use. Or even when selecting one at a recreation center. This article provides an extensive guideline on how to select a good hover board for your needs.

How to select a good hover board

To select a good hover board, you must come up with a clear criterion of key decision factors. These may include the hover board quality, cost, brand, existing user reviews, or any other metric you employ while shopping.

The motherboard system

In most cases, the quality of a hover board depends on its brand. The quality of a hover board depends on four essentials: the motherboard system, the lithium-ion battery, the wheels, and its charger.

The motherboard system is the most essential element in a hover board. It determines the overall quality of the product and thus their functionality, and often influences customer satisfaction. To select a good hover board, products with the Taotao motherboard system are the best, while replica motherboards often short lived.

The lithium-ion battery

On contraire, the lithium-ion battery powers the hover board. The lithium-ion battery is essential to both performance and safety of the hover board. In fact, the low quality lithium-ion batteries are responsible for hover board explosions you do not want near you. The battery is made of 10pcs cells or 20pcs cells. The 20pcs cells batteries have more capacity and thus better range per charge. The available brands include LG, Samsung, and few others.

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The wheels

Hover board wheels come with up to 350W and 250W of power each. That gives the hover boards total power of 700W and 500W respectively, and influences customer preferences based on speed and battery life for any given lithium-ion battery capacity being used.

The charger

Different hover board brands come with specialized charger. These too vary in terms of quality among others. A good-quality hover board charger contains built-in stop functionality to control the charging process; including discontinuing charging once the battery is full. It is a critical component of the product as overcharging could start fires, as well as precipitating explosions.

Similarly, the best chargers come with UL certification for safety to increase consumer confidence.

Our Customer Recommendation

The quality of a hover board is the most critical buyer decision factor of all. However, it should complemented by others. For example, when two products have standard quality features but differ in price, the cost becomes a key decision factor.

Generally, good quality hover boards are pricey. Avoid products priced at less the $300, with most good quality hover boards often costing at more than $1,000. However, there are good, reliable brands costing between $500 and $800, especially in the absence of celebrity endorsements.

Alternatively, hover board brands could influence buyer decisions. While most are pricey, the premium brands such as Hovertrax, PhunkeeDunk, Ninebot, IO Hawk, and Swagway, among others. Their popularity is indicative of quality, security, and good performance being acceptable to many, meaning you should be safer using one of them.

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Most hover board-related accidents avoid naming the brands involved. However, using a brand favoured by most users should reduce the risks involved.

It is also imperative that user reviews and recommendations are considered. The fact these are by persons who previously used a given brand makes them reliable. As a rule of thumb, a would-be hover board buyer should avoid such products with overly negative user reviews.

As a matter of consumerism, a hover board user should seek such products that offer warranties that protect the hover board user in case of accidents. You never can be too careful.

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