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11 best ways to achieve success through mental toughness

How can you describe your mental toughness?  Are you easily stressed or broken down by the difficulties and hardships in your life?  You need to learn how to improve your mental toughness.  It is a process that must start at a certain point.

Mental toughness is the ability to withstand and overcome difficulties and worries in life. It can be tested through murky waters in life such as toxic relationships and frustrating jobs. You must develop the capacity to have a speedy recovery.

In actual sense, toughness in metals is achieved by repeated panel beating and twisting to make it hard and brittle.  Similarly, you should learn and adopt ways to become mentally tough as lack of it may lead to stress, hopelessness, and depression.

Mental toughness can be accomplished by being in control of your emotions. You should also set goals on how to deal with extreme emotions. How you counter challenges mentally will go a long way in achieving your life goals. Mentally tough people stand out in crowds.

How to achieve success through mental toughness

Is mental toughness achievable? Yes, with determination, resilience and focus, it is indeed possible to achieve it.  Below is a list of ways you can make mental toughness possible.

  1. Mental toughness through emotional intelligence skills. EQ skills are key to success in your life. It is important to choose your life battles wisely. Tackle battles you can win so that you can live to fight another day. Take full charge of your emotions.
  2. Self-esteem and confidence. Believing in yourself is synonymous with success. Mentally tough people must have a high self-esteem and be confident in an extraordinary way.
  3. Learn how to deal with toxic relationships. I suppose that we have all dealt with toxic people in our lives. They can drain a lot of energy from you. Avoid them or neutralize their toxic effect. Reduce physical contacts with them and where this is not possible, build a wall around your emotions. Be wise about what to take from them and what to leave. Work on developing your emotional intelligence and not trying to change them. It may cause frustrations on your part.
  4. Adopt and embrace change. Change is the only constant factor in our lives. You should always embrace change quickly. People struggle with change and if not handled well, it can lead to frustration. Work on your mindset so as to allow the process of change to take effect quickly. It is also imperative to identify what you can change and what you cannot change.
  5. Say No and mean it. People who have mastered the art of saying no are more likely to be successful in life than their counterparts. Avoid accepting all the requests that come your way. Avoid the middle ground of saying ‘may be’, ‘am not sure or certain’ and’ I don’t think it is possible’. Let your yes or no be stated boldly.
  6. Fear is an ingredient of failure. Are you a warrior or a worrier? Fear causes doubt. It is a stumbling block to success. Mentally tough people rise above their fears or identify ways and means of facing it. Take risks wisely.
  7. Take failure head-on. Do not run away from failure, but instead learn the necessary lessons from it.  Pick your broken pieces and rebuild your empire. This way, a repeat of the same will be unlikely. Avoid dwelling on past mistakes as this is a time waster.
  8. Be positive: This gives you enough energy to face the future no matter how difficult a situation may appear. Being negative is energy draining. It can lead to stress and hopelessness. Avoid negative people as they may transmit their negative energy to you.
  9. Be the source of your happiness: Expecting happiness from other people may be disappointing especially if they are non-committal. Do not dwell on things that you are not in control of. Avoid comparing yourself with other people and especially those who are doing better than you. Keep a journal of happy moments.
  10. Practice the act of gratitude: A grateful heart is a happy heart. Every act of kindness should be received with visible gratitude. This creates an immediate environment of contentment. Human beings are good at keeping a record of wrongs. Mentally tough people keep journals of events and moments that they are thankful for.
  11. Discipline is imperative. Mental toughness entails setting personal goals that will help you achieve it. The discipline must also be internalized. Counting on other people to help you achieve your goals will spell doom on your part. All goals must be documented and followed with seriousness. Remember to set goals that are achievable.

    mental toughness is achievable

Finally, take control of your life, embrace full commitment over it and face the challenges that come along with the best attitude. Learn from mentally tough people. They are confident and are successful in life. Do you want to be one of them?

Identify the factors in your life that are blocking your mental toughness and work on them resiliently. Mental toughness is a choice.

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